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BLUFF: ART AS WAR is an exploration of art and its function as a form of resistance in the face of a world full of misinformation. BLUFF is an investigation into the misleading information of lies, deception, corruption, hoodwinking, gaslighting, hoaxes, charades, trickery, deluding, bamboozling, fooling and pretending improper acts in the proper world. The content within these pages acts as agents of independent chaotic and anarchist provocation.


This is the first edition of BLUFF and the content within these pages acts as agents of provocation and the outcome of BLUFF is shaped by the demands of more or less of the nature of nothing and everything in the lives of being proper. With the onset of fake news as an aspect of our daily lives, is it the proper thing to listen to? What is proper? What does it mean to behave properly? What is a body proper? BLUFF is arranged as a conceptual manifesto, where the material is drawn from the author's research journals spanning 2012 - 2023.


A5 Booklet: 21 x 15 cm.

44 pages.

B/W $8

Colour $18.



  • Colour print: $18

    Please order as 'Print on Demand for a colour copy of BLUFF.

    Otherwise order a B/W for $8


  • Addition cost for postage: (Please add to payment)

    National:$2.00. International: $5.00

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