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Is an independent publishing house, established by Christos Linou in 2020.

The publications are a platform for researching social / political issues through artistic provocation.














proudly presented at the  
2022 NGV
Melbourne Art Book Fair


Street Art Activation  - Book Launch -  Guerrilla Opera

Christos_Hosier Lane-7503.jpg
Christos_Hosier Lane-7353.jpg
Christos_Hosier Lane-7526.jpg

Guerrilla Opera: Devised and Choreographed by Christos Linou. Vocals and Lyrics: Hemi Titokowarou (James Dibble).                                                             

                                                                            Photo's: Lucia Rossi 2022


Hosier Lane Art Activation: Dedicated to the People of Ukraine

Linou Press took part in the 2022 NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair and presented a street art activation event in Hosier Lane. The author painted a 'mash-up' of images from the book  Polis Politic: Streets of Guerilla Art that became the backdrop for the guerilla opera, which became a dedication to the People of Ukraine. See video.

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 11.36.51 am.png

Linou Press was officially launched at 2021 NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair by presenting a street activation event, where the author painted the book cover
Jack Linou: The Art of An Outsider  in Hosier Lane. See  video.

Alex Economou interviews Christos Linou.                                                                                                                                                        The Weekend Neos Kosmos. 5, March 2022.                                          


Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 5.04_edited.jpg

Polis Politic: Streets Guerrilla Art looks at the social/ political implications of graffiti why  street art is an important aspect of popular culture. The book examines works from Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Melbourne, New York and Paris. Guerrilla street art is a form of anti-art that defies authority. This book explores a range of methods used and an international scope of artists who occupy the streets as a way of life, taking risks to protest against rules and regulations, by marking the urban landscape with socio-political imagery and commentary.


Hardcover Book: 21 x 21 cm.

120 pages in full colour.

$50 retail price. (inc GST)


ISBN: 978-0-6451269-1-4



Uncovers alternative perspectives on art and culture, focusing on the underbelly of social politics."

The first publication Jack Linou: The Art of An Outsider is a tribute to my younger brother  Jack Linou, who died in 1997 from HIV/AIDS and examines his life challenges living with the virus and drug use. He tried to overcome his hardships through art, poetry and performance as  for self-healing. The book contains short stories, Jacks' poetry and over 140 images of his artwork.

Hard Cover: 21 x 21 cm.

120 pages in full colour on gloss paper.

$50 retail price. (inc GST)

ISBN: 978-0-6451269-0-7

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 1.50.41 pm.png

MELBOURNE STREET ART 2009 - 2022 is a chronological documentation of street art in Melbourne.  From the first scratches of graffiti on ancient Roman walls to the contemporary surfaces of today’s cities, street artists take risks, defy rules and challenge authority by voicing their opinion on their cities walls. Melbourne's street art is world-class, edgy, political, humorous and engaging. The street artists of Melbourne have expanded graffiti into dynamic works of art while maintaining a gritty relationship with the urban space.  

Hardcover Book: 15 x 20 cm.

120 pages in full colour.

$34.99 retail price. (inc GST)

ISBN: 978-0-6451269-2-1           


Christos Linou is a cross-disciplinary artist with over three decades of work as a professional dancer, choreographer and filmmaker, he has toured works to Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore and in Australia. 

           In 2013 he was awarded a scholarship to study durational performance at Melbourne University and in 2016 he graduated with first-class honors with a Masters in Fine Arts degree and published his thesis Naked Peel. In 2020 LINOU PRESS marked his development from the performing arts into publishing.

           Linou continues his choreographic and performative arts practice as an this experimental   and conceptual art maker, which influences into the book publications.  Click on the orange photo to see his website.

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