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Brother No Longer in Arms. Multimedia story telling performance

Hare Hole.  28 April and 5 May. 9 - 10pm. 2021. Midsumma Festival and Positive Living Victoria.

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This was a personal story of  brother’s love that defies judgment of someone who was persecuted by others, because back in 1985 HIV was an unknown virus.


Jack Linou died young and beautiful at 33 from HIV /AIDS, he contracted the virus through a shared syringe in 1985 and died in 1997.  He was once seen as a wild law breaking degenerate drug user, who did time in prison and he turned to arts practice to redeem himself.


Christos Linou has produced a book Jack Linou: Art of an Outsider and presented a multimedia story telling performance. The book highlighted the importance of Jack's ability to express himself through his art and poetry with stories of how he tried to overcome his hardship of living with HIV / AIDS.      


Brenton Geyer. Positive Living Victoria                                        

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I  made the book during the Covid  lock-down in Melbourne , as it made me reflect on so many lives lost.  The pandemic sadly reminded me of when my brother was caught in the turmoil of uncertainty, when he contracted HIV during the 80’s panic of a viral pandemic.


Jack's story is important because he was one of many who were  and used as test subjects for anti viral AZT treatments and stigmatised about having HIV/AIDS. It was the time of the Grim Reaper commercial on TV where people were being bowled over into their death by the Reaper. Jack's was seen as contagious and was determined to let people know the facts of the virus and not allowed to be used a scapegoat.

I performed a dance routine dedicated to my  brother based on the metaphors of addiction and I read passages from the book and showed films of Jack in his art studio.

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