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Book Launch
Polis Politic: Streets of Guerrilla Art                                                      

Street Art Activation performance. NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair.
Hosier Lane. 18 March 2022

Guerrilla Opera : Choreographed and performed by Christos Linou. Vocalist: Hemi Titokowarou


Photo Gallery:  Photography by Lucia Rossi, Tobias Titz and LinouPress. 2022

Linou Press took part in the 2022 NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair and presented a street art activation event in Hosier Lane that paid tribute to the people of Ukraine.

The author painted a 'mash-up' of images from the book 
as a large mural depicting an image of a family being evicted by a war mongrel (Putin),  that became the backdrop for the guerilla opera. See video


Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 11.36.51 am.png

Media Article: Alex Economou interviews Christos Linou. The Weekend Neos Kosmos. 5, March 2022. 

Christos_Hosier Lane-7503.jpg
Christos_Hosier Lane-7353.jpg
Christos_Hosier Lane-7526.jpg

Guerrilla Opera: Devised and Choreographed by Christos Linou. Vocals and Lyrics: Hemi Titokowarou (James Dibble).                                                             

                                                                            Photo's: Lucia Rossi 2022


Hosier Lane Art Activation: Dedicated to the People of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 5.04_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 11.03.36 am.png

Book Cover: Polis Politic: Streets Of Guerrilla Art                                        Promotional material

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